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Kubernetes now supports persistent node labels

Date: February 4, 2020

Tagged In: API v2

Author Timo Reimann

Our managed DigitalOcean Kubernetes product DOKS now supports setting Kubernetes labels on node pools. Once assigned, they will propagate to the associated pool nodes, both existing and new ones. This way, customers may reliably reference groups of nodes through label selectors that Kubernetes provides.

Labels can be set on node pool API objects that are accessible on multiple endpoints. For instance, updating an existing node pool by the labels service=web and priority=high is done by submitting a PUT request to the /v2/kubernetes/clusters/<cluster ID>/node_pools/<node ID> endpoint with the following JSON body:

  "name": "web",
  "count": 10,
  "labels": {
    "service": "web",
    "priority": "high"

For details, see the available operations on the Kubernetes API.