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API Support for DigitalOcean VPCs

Date: April 7, 2020

Tagged In: API v2

Author Andrew Starr-Bochicchio

Starting today, we have begun the incremental release of DigitalOcean VPC, including its API. VPCs (virtual private clouds) allow you to create virtual networks containing resources that can communicate with each other in full isolation using private IP addresses. The VPC service will be available for all customers soon. It replaces the existing private networking service.

When enabled on your account, you will be able to create, configure, list, and delete custom VPCs as well as retrieve information about the resources assigned to them. For example, to create a new VPC, make a POST to the /v2/vpcs endpoint with a JSON body like:

  "name": "staging-vpc",
  "description": "VPC for the staging environment"
  "region": "nyc1"

For the more details, see the full API reference documentation for DigitalOcean VPCs.

Related Changes

This release contains related functionality for a number of other DigitalOcean resources.

When VPC is enabled on your account, the private_networking attribute previously used to enable private networking while creating a Droplet will now provision the Droplet inside of your account’s default VPC for the region. Use the new vpc_uuid attribute to specify a different VPC.

Kubernetes clusters, load balancers, and database clusters will also be provisioned inside of your account’s default VPC for the region when enabled. To specify a non-default VPC, set the appropriate attribute in the JSON body of the create request:

Resource Attribute
Droplet vpc_uuid
Kubernetes cluster vpc_uuid
Load balancer vpc_uuid
Database cluster private_networking_uuid