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Deprecating tag.resources.droplets.last_tagged, adding a last_tagged_uri and a count for all resources

Date: September 5, 2018

Tagged In: API v2

Author Hugo Corbucci

When listing or getting tags by sending a GET request to /v2/tags or /v2/tags/$TAG_NAME, the response payload currently includes a last_tagged value inside the tag’s resources.droplets containing a full representation of the resource. This payload is considerably nested and adds additional overhead to the request. In order to improve performance as well as lay the groundwork for bring tagging support to additional resources, this attribute is being deprecated. Beginning March 1st, 2019 last_tagged will no longer be populated in favor of the new last_tagged_uri attribute introduced today.

For all resources (and each resource type supported), the last_tagged_uri attribute contains a string indicating the URI which can be used to retrieve details about that specific resource. If you need information about the last tagged resource specifically, issuing another call to that URI will provide you with all the data for that resource.

Additionally, a count attribute describing how many resources overall have been tagged with the tag in question has been added. Each individual resource type will continue providing a count attribute.

If you need guidance on transitioning from using last_tagged to using of the new last_tagged_uri attribute , please feel free to reach out to the team by opening a support ticket.